When you mesh the words barista and roaster together, what do you get? "Barösta!" As we combine the culture of baristi and roaster, we believe in having this mindset is when a coffee is at it's absolute best in noble taste! Our coffees are traditionally hand-finished with old tastatters at low temperatures and long roasting times. We then test each variety and find out the perfect degree of grinding, the correct temperature and quantity. Once this detailed list is checked off, the coffee is ready for our guests to enjoy! Whether in a cup, as a French press or as a whole bean ready for you to prepare in the comfort of your home. At Barösta, we are excited to have you taste our coffee story.


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Each month in the Barösta Rosteri, we offer a coffee seminar in German. If you are looking for a fun and unique cultural experience, we will do the coffee preparing and your tastebuds can do the listening!

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